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Affordable solutions for Continuing Professional Development management
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Pro CPD.

About the business.

ProCPD is a proudly Australian business. It specialises in professional development management solutions. We offer affordable paper and electronic products to organise professional records and manage professional development.
ProCPD is a Melbourne based Australian business, aiming to sell in health industry expos and online.




Our mission statement.

We aim to provide high quality, usable and affordable tools for professionals to organise professional records and manage continuous professional development (CPD).

Our logo and business name.

Our business name contains the words Pro and CPD. Pro stands for professionalism, professional portfolio and professional records. CPD stands for Continuous/Continuing Professional Development. Our logo is constructed of 3 blue ticks to symbolise that our tools provide an organised way to do the right thing towards professional accreditation. The ticks are organised in a triangle shape that symbolises professional life and the position of the triangle is towards right and up to symbolise professional development, growth and success. The colour scheme aims to be clear, simple and stand out. 


Customer support.

We aim to provide high quality products and services. We are committed to resolve issues for our customers. Support for Professional Development Products.


Tell us what you think.

We would appreciate any feedback to help us improve our services and products. Contact us


and tell us what you think.