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Free CPD Resources Online
IFolio- CPD Portal  - ANF owned, free CPD nursing related articles + quizzes that are currently offered with no subscription fees. In IFolio, you can also keep electronic files such as CV or scans of your documents. IFolio offers online record of education and experience. The site will keep and maintain your Ifolio achievements but does not offer management of CPD achieved elsewhere. 
BMJ Learning -  Offers free online medical and nursing courses (unlimited when subscribing). BMJ will keep record of the modules completed. Free registration to the site is required. 
GP Learning - free best evidence information for GPs and nurses about a variety of conditions.  The information is not structured as a CPD course, but good as a self learning resource. Free register to access the modules.
E-Health Learning - for doctors. free registration allows access to CPD modules.
Medicine Today - Non-subscribers have free access to one full text article in the current issue of Medicine Today , access to all patient handouts and a full text weekly quiz.
Think GP - Free for all registered health professionals,  not just for GPs. Offers access to CPD modules, medical information in various media.