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Professional portfolio.

Our professional portfolio ring binder is designed to organise and manage all professional records. It contains methodical instructions, two wide document storage pockets, five quality dividers with pockets, professional development planner and professional development records forms.
Inside the professional Portfolio are the following components by this order:

  • Method - Information pages
  • Professional Development Planner - a pocket divider and designated forms to plan future professional development and evaluate these plans
  • Professional Development Records - a pocket divider and designated forms to record actual professional development activities
  • Professional Log - a pocket divider and designated forms to record daily experiences
  • Education - pocket divider - education transcripts, education sessions, seminars, conferences, presentations and study day certificates
  • Professional Standards - pocket divider - to collect relevant legislation, competency standards and code of conduct
  • Experience - Wide document storage to collect certificates of service, job descriptions, references, resume or curriculum vitae
  • Registration - Wide document storage to collect registration certificates, police approval certificates, committee/union memberships, citizenship certificates

Get all your professional records neatly organised in one place and easily manage your professional development. This portfolio will not only help you manage your professional records and professional development, it is sure to impress the professional authority accreditors as well as interviewers when looking for a job. More Professional Portfolio Photos

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Professional Development Lanyard
This is a computer application that resides on a USB portable drive (View a walk through video presentation of the application).This disk-on-key can be carried by the professional, typically with an ID card.
Opportunities for continuous professional development arise in unexpected places. They may arise at work, at university or at home. Professional Development activities such as a conference, a seminar, an unplanned lecture or home learning activity needs to be reliably recorded as soon as these activities happen, to keep good track of professional development hours spent.
To update your professional development, just plug the USB stick into any windows computer USB port and key in the activity. This activity is immediately stored in your private Professional Development database. Various professional reports can be printed and placed into the Professional Portfolio. The application contains the following components:

  • Planning CPD - to record CPD plans based on learning needs and evaluate CPD plans overtime
  • CPD activities - to record actual professional development activities in the private database
  • Professional Blog - to record daily experiences and reflections
  • Professional standards - define and manage professional standards (such as competency standards) to refer to when considering learning needs
  • Reports
    • Produce a planning report -to print the professional development plans. This report can be inserted into the professional portfolio binder in the professional development planner section
    • Produce a professional development activities report - to print the professional development activities sorted by year with summary of hours spent. This report can be inserted into the professional portfolio binder in the professional development records section
    • Produce a professional blog report - to print the daily experiences diary. The report can be inserted into the professional portfolio binder in the professional log section
    • Produce a professional Standards report - to print the list of professional standards. The report can be inserted into the professional portfolio binder in the professional Standards section
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Order Additional CPD Stationary
Additional Stationery - Expandable Clear Binder Pocket
A4 with 30mm gusset, velcro fastener and binding holes on edge, store and secure loose pages and other items in your binder. Allows for around 250 documents pages.

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Additional Stationery - Pocket Dividers
Pocket Dividers are copysafe pockets for storing and protecting documents, with 5 coloured clear tabs for easy colour coding, dividing and indexing of documents and other plastic pockets. Full pocket is coloured with stick on tabs for easy indexing. Left opening spine to keep contents secure.