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Professional Development Lanyard

Professional Development management made easy. Just unplug the USB clip and keep track of CPD activities.
The professional Development  Lanyard contains a USB with a Professional Development Management program. The Program is designed to make Professional Development management easy and immediate. To Record a Professional Development activity, plug the USB stick into any windows computer at work, at home or at the university and key in the activity. You can also plan future activities, write a reflective CPD Blog and manage your professional standards. The data is secured by a password and the information keyed stays on the USB and is not shared by the computers that are used.
The various professional reports (CPD Activities, CPD Plans, CPD reflective diary, and Professional Standards) from this program can be placed in the corresponding sections in the professional portfolio and serve as evidence for CPD compliance. These reports are also useful as backup for the information that is kept on the USB.

The program supports past dating (in case you want to update past activities)  and future dating. 
Please note that all our products are tax deductible.

The professional Development program has the following  components:

  • CPD Activities - Record (insert, update, browse, delete) or print all CPD activities.  The program keeps track at all times on CPD hour for you to know how well you are doing for a specific year. The report presents a full account of the CPD activities and a summary per year of the hours spent. Ideally, place the report in your portfolio as evidence for CPD compliance. 
  • CPD Planning - Plan for future CPD relating the professional standards (insert, update, browse, delete) or print CPD Plans to be placed in your portfolio.  
  • CPD reflective Diary - Record your day to day reflections on clinical experiences (insert, update, browse, delete) or print the CPD Blog to your portfolio.  
  • Professional Standards - Manage (define new, update, browse, delete) or print professional standards
  • Password - Define or remove a password to protect your data
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