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Professional Development Photo Gallery
ProCPD offers a set of tools to organise professional records. A professional portfolio folder and a carry on lanyard USB with a professional development application to manage CPD
The Professional Development Lanyard contains a computer application that resides on a USB portable drive. To keep immediate track of professional development hours spent, just plug the USB stick into the computer USB port and key in the activity. Print professional reports from the USB into your professional portfolio
A luxurious padded, high quality, deep blue ring binder with gold embossed letters
The Professional Portfolio and the Professional Development lanyard may be purchased separately but match well together to perfectly resolve professional needs for organising documents and managing continuing professional development
The padded durable Professional Portfolio contains double transparent pockets on cover, a belongs to card. The binder comes in either 4 ring or 2 ring
Two expandable envelop to collect Registration (reg certificates, police approval certificates, committee/union memberships, citizenship certificates etc) and Experience (certificates of service, job descriptions, references, salary slips, resume or curriculum vitae)
The methodology of using the folder. This section serves as a reminder as to where each professional document belongs
The professional Development Records section is designed to hold professional development activities.
The CPD Activities Report template for recording of CPD activities. The CPD Activities report printed from the CPD lanyard can be placed in this section